Tuesday, February 7, 2017

How I Got Into Columbia With A 640 GMAT

Columbia Business School successful candidates have an average accepted GMAT score of 717, length of work experience north of 12 years, and a 6:1 applicant-to-acceptance ratio.

The candidate had a 3.6 GPA with a double major in political science and journalism. Top tips are

1. Demonstrate Humility

Include some example of a time you’ve grown from a mistake, admit flaws, show that mistakes are opportunities to genuinely grow and mature. They want to see in you what all other CEOs have had to experience at one point or another in their careers – the strength to admit that you can be wrong.

2. Showcase Your Hard Work

Pick a time and an example when you’ve taken an idea from the ground up, and when you, yourself, built something meaningful. Make sure it is somewhat recent, and that it took both innovation and research to get it done. Include details of having gone above and beyond to get your idea heard, ideally one that few others thought could actually be successful. 

2. Tell Them Your Plan

Tell them who you really want to be one day. If you are in the healthcare field, tell them about your plan to reduce spiraling medical costs. If it’s real estate, tell them about the industry’s biggest problems and your perspective on how the MBA helps you to solve them. They want to go to bed at night knowing that they could have found the nation’s next tycoon, industry change-agent, scientist or inventor.  Give them what they are looking for and speak your GD mind!

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