Friday, March 10, 2017

Top-Tier Cross-Admitting Schools

The following schools tend to cross-admit from each other in peer groups. The following data shows each schools top six cross-admit schools in order of overlap

Elite Tier Schools and the top 6 schools they tend to cross-admit with
1. Chicago Booth: Wharton, MIT, Kellogg, Columbia, Harvard and Tuck
2. Columbia Business School: Wharton, MIT, Stern and Chicago, Yale, Stanford
3. Harvard Business School: Stanford, Wharton, MIT, Kellogg, tie: Chicago and Tuck
4. Kellogg School of Management:  Haas, Chicago, Harvard, Tuck, Ross, Wharton
5. MIT Sloan:  Wharton, Stanford, Columbia, Chicago, tie: Harvard and Haas
6. Stanford GSB: Harvard, MIT, Haas, Yale, Wharton, Columbia
7. Wharton School: MIT, Chicago, Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, Stern

Tier 1 Schools and the top 6 schools they tend to cross-admit with
1. Berkeley Haas: Kellogg, Anderson and Marshall, Stanford, Harvard, MIT
2. Dartmouth Tuck: Darden, Yale, Duke, tie: Cornell and Ross, Kellogg
3. NYU Stern: Yale, Columbia, Wharton, tie: Anderson and Haas, Chicago
4. Yale SOM: Stern, Stanford, Tuck, MIT, Haas, tie: Columbia and Duke
5. Cornell Johnson: Duke, tie: Kenan Flagler and Tepper, tie; Georgetown and Darden, Tuck
6. Duke Fuqua: Ross, Cornell, tie Darden and Kenan Flagler, Tuck, Yale
7. Michigan Ross: Duke, Darden, Tuck, Cornell, Georgetown, Tepper
8. UCLA Anderson: Marshall, Haas, Ross, Stern, Duke, Cornell
9. UVA Darden: Kenan Flagler, Tuck, Tepper, Duke, Ross, Cornell

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