Friday, April 28, 2017

2 in 5 Business School Alumni in Careers They'd Never Predicted

GMAC interviewed 15,000 graduates were interviewed in the Alumni Perspectives Survey Report 2017, all of them business school graduates completing MBAs.

  • 52% had made a career switch (industry and/or function) upon graduating from business school
  • 39% of business school alumni had no idea they would find themselves in the industries they have now been recruited to.

For business school alumni who had not planned on changing their job function and/or industry, 88% of respondents said that they were happy with their role and their employer.

The sectors and jobs MBA graduates are most likely to work in
MBA graduates are most likely to be found working in products/services, technology, the nonprofit industry and consulting, according to GMAC’s report.

  • 51% of all respondents who opted for careers with nonprofits
  • 45% of those recruited into manufacturing hadn't considered these sectors before doing their management degree. Many business schools actively recruit candidates who work for nonprofit organizations, and there are even scholarships dedicated to this background.

In terms of job functions, MBA graduates are most likely to fill positions which include finance and accounting, sales and marketing, and general management.

GMAC also found that 92% of MBAs graduating between 2012 and 2016 have attained positions that are of mid-management seniority, with around a third holding senior-level roles and one in 10 holding executive or c-suite positions.

  • 92% of GMAC respondents said they had no regrets taking the MBA
  • 84% of full-time, two-year MBA graduates rating their programs as either 'outstanding' or 'excellent'. 

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