Wednesday, May 23, 2018

2018-2019 Michigan / Ross MBA Deadlines & Essay Questions

The University of Michigan has announced the Ross MBA deadlines for the 2018-2019 admissions season. The school operates its admissions process in three rounds, with decisions being released within a few months of the application deadline.

Michigan / Ross MBA Deadlines for 2018-2019
Round 1
Application Due: October 1, 2018
Decision Released: December 21, 2018

Round 2
Application Due: January 7, 2019
Decision Released: March 15, 2019

Round 3
Application Due: March 18, 2019
Decision Released: May 10, 2019

For more information, applicants should visit the Ross MBA admissions website.

Part 1: Short Answer Questions
Select one prompt from each group of the three groups below. Respond to your selected prompt in 100 words or fewer (<100 words each; 300 words total).

Group 1

I want people to know that I:
I made a difference when I:

Group 2

I was humbled when:
I am out of my comfort zone when:
Group 3

I was aware that I am different when:
I find it challenging when people:

Part 2: Essay
Michigan Ross is a place where people from all backgrounds with different career goals can thrive. Please share your short-term career goal. Why is this the right choice for you? (300 words)

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