Tuesday, July 24, 2018

NYU スターン Class Profile 2020: Higher GMAT and More International Students

NYU Stern School of Business has posted a preliminary profile of its incoming class of full-time, two-year MBA students, the Class of 2020, showing school showed gains in the diversity of its class and added a few points to the average GMAT score for incoming students.
The facts:
  • 3,781 applicants—down from 3,927 for the Class of 2019. 
  • 876 applicants were admitted (23 percent) and 375 enrolled. 
  • Last year, 822 applicants were admitted (21 percent), yielding 402 enrolled students.
  • The percentage of women dropped from 38 to 35 percent, t
  • International students increased from 37 percent last year to 39 percent this year.
  • International applications were down about 10 percent, but they still represent about half of total applications.
  • The average GMAT score was 717, up from 714 last year.
  •  The median GMAT remained constant, at 720. 
  • Applicants opting to submit GRE scores instead of GMAT rose from 12 to 19 percent. 
  • The average GPA slipped slightly from 3.48 to 3.45. 

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