Friday, September 7, 2018

コロンビア・ビジネス・スクール 2018 Entering Class Profile

Columbia Business School looks for intellectually driven people from diverse educational, economic, social, cultural, and geographic backgrounds. Our students share a record of achievement, strong leadership, and the ability to work in teams.

Columbia Business School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, nationality, sexual orientation, political affiliation, disability, or veteran status.

MBA Student Profile — Class Entering 2018 (January and August)
Applications Received: 6029
Admitted: 1028
Enrolled: 756, divided into 11 clusters
January Entry Class Size: 204, divided into 3 clusters
August Entry Class Size: 552, divided into 8 clusters
GMAT Scores (average): 732
GMAT Scores (range): 530–790
GMAT Scores (middle 80%): 700–760
Undergraduate GPA (average): 3.6
Undergraduate GPA (middle 80%): 3.2–3.9
Work Experience (average): 5 years
Work Experience (middle 80%): 3–7 years
At Least One Year of Work Experience: 99%
Average Age: 28
Age Range (middle 80%): 25–31
Women: 39%
Minority of US Origin: 33%
International Citizens: 42%

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