Saturday, September 29, 2018

レナード・N・スターン・スクール・オブ・ビジネス MBA Class of 2020

The Class of 2020 is decidedly smaller than its predecessors. 
  • During the 2017-2018 cycle, the school lured 375 students, down from the 399 who comprise the 2019 Class. 
  • There were 150 fewer applications, a number that’s coupled with a 2% uptick in acceptance rate to 23%.
  • The average GMAT was  717 GMAT – up four points (the school’s best number since the 2016 Class). 
  • The undergraduate GPA also remained relatively steady, slipping by a negligible .03 of a point. 
  • The percentage of women slipped by three points
  • There was a two-point gain with the percentage of international students. 
  • The number of international students at Stern has jumped by eight percentage points over the past three classes, a tribute to the increasingly-cosmopolitan nature of the program.
  • Last year, business majors accounted for 36% of the class. This year, that number was sliced to 29%. 
  • The humanities and social sciences, which jumped a combined 4% (with humanities comprising 17% of the class and social sciences another 16%). Similarly, STEM majors climbed three points to 20%, with economics holding steady at 18%.
  • Overall, Stern drew the largest percentage of students from the financial services sector. At 26%, finance professionals double their nearest bloc – consultants – which come in a 13%. 
  • No profession makes up 10% of the class with the biggest blocs including technology (9%), entertainment and media (7%), military and government (7%), and consumer products (6%).

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