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The Highest & Lowest Paid MBAs At The Top 25 Schools

Last year a student from the United States working in finance in the Northeast — probably New York City — achieved a salary of $350,000 after graduating from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. One of his colleagues, an American working internationally, also reported a base salary of $350K.

  • Wharton reported the highest base salary for a U.S. citizen — that Northeast-bound financier who scored a $350K — while Harvard Business School and Stanford Graduate School of Business were close behind, each with a domestic $300K earner of their own. 
  • Columbia Business School boasted the highest starting salary for an international student at $308,000. 
  • In sign-on bonuses, Wharton again paced the pack for both U.S. ($250,000) and foreign nationals ($150,000). 
  • Just a few years ago, someone in the HBS Class of 2016 secured a starting base salary of half a million dollars, while someone at Stanford reported a salary of $450,000.
  • The highest U.S. average salary was at Stanford, where U.S. grads reported a base salary of $150,123.  The highest average pay for international grads was at HBS: $136,194.
  • Once again, U.S. salaries outpace those of their international classmates, with the overall U.S. average of the 25 schools about $7,000 more than the average for foreign national grads: $127,603 to $120,589. Looking only at the top 10 schools, the U.S. was about $8,000 ahead: $135,620 to internationals’ $127,674.
  • The school with the highest percentage reporting salary numbers in 2018 was Rice University’s Jones Graduate School of Business, No. 24 on the P&Q ranking, where 94.5% reported — 86 students out of 91 known to be looking for work. 
  • Close behind were No. 6 MIT Sloan (91.9%) and No. 8 UC-Berkeley Haas (90.8%). Stanford actually had the lowest percentage of salary reporters: 74.1%, or 218 grads out of 294 on the market.

Besides highs and averages, U.S. News also reports lows. 
  • The lowest reported salary for a U.S. MBA in the Class of 2018 was at Harvard, where someone took a job for the base pay of $41,875. 
  • For an international student, the lowest base pay was reported by a Whartonite who was hired for $15,910; the job, categorized as both financial services and “other,” took him or her outside the U.S.
  • The lowest sign-on bonus for an international student was reported by a UCLA Anderson grad: $1,598. And then for a low bonus accepted by a U.S. student, we return to the question of the $40. Were they paid by check or two bills out of the boss’s wallet? We may never know.
  • Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business swept a host of interesting “lows”: lowest high U.S. salary ($150K), lowest average U.S. salary ($111,640), lowest high U.S. sign-on ($58,500), lowest high foreign salary ($145K), and lowest high foreign sign-on ($35K). The Hoosiers’ $99,108 average foreign salary, another low, was the only non-six-figure salary for any top-25 school in either the U.S. or foreign column.
  • The highest low U.S. salary was at Dartmouth Tuck ($87K), though four schools — Northwestern Kellogg, USC Marshall, Michigan Ross, and NYU Stern — were close behind at $80K. USC claimed the highest low foreign salary: $90K. Emory Goizueta ($8K) had the highest low U.S. sign-on and Virginia Darden and Georgetown McDonough ($10K) shared the distinction of reporting the highest low foreign sign-on.
School & P&Q RankGMATGPAAccept RatePay (Salary + Bonus)Jobs at GradJobs at 3 Months
1. Harvard Business School7313.7110.4%$159,31479.1%89.3%
1. Penn (Wharton) 7323.6020.7%$165,52883.6%94.6%
3. Stanford GSB7323.736.1%$162,70468.7%88.1%
4. Chicago (Booth)7313.5822.9%$154,72287.6%95.5%
5. Northwestern (Kellogg)7323.6021.9%$151,60580.4%92.0%
6. MIT (Sloan)7283.5713.1%$159,24586.0%93.5%
7. Columbia7363.6014.5%$153,35175.0%90.1%
8. UC-Berkeley (Haas)7263.6715.4%$147,92175.5%93.4%
9. Dartmouth (Tuck)7223.4923.3%$157,82180.6%91.9%
10. Michigan (Ross)7203.4827.1%$156,16389.3%93.5%
11. Yale SOM7243.6720.4%$149,96477.1%89.8%
12. Virginia (Darden)7183.5032.9%$160,71187.3%92.3%
13. Cornell (Johnson)6993.4133.1%$154,53379.7%91.0%
14. Duke (Fuqua)7043.4922.4%$155,12985.4%94.0%
15. UCLA (Anderson)7163.5224.3%$142,99769.7%88.7%
16. NYU (Stern)7163.4523.2%$159,02183.7%93.7%
17. CMU (Tepper)6903.4035.4%$145,56681.9%89.6%
18. Texas-Austin (McCombs)7023.4833.6%$141,77175.0%85.9%
19. UNC (Kenan-Flagler)7023.3446.6%$139,62780.5%92.1%
20. Emory (Goizueta)6863.3040.8%$145,81580.0%92.9%
21. Washington (Foster)6963.3135.1%$147,76383.9%99.1%
22. USC (Marshall)7053.5028.2%$151,40879.2%95.8%
23. Georgetown (McDonough)6933.3455.2%$139,21563.7%93.8%
24. Rice (Jones)7063.3239.7%$129,95073.6%94.5%
25. Indiana (Kelley)6753.3338.3%$125,92975.6%95.0%

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