Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Most Affordable Top MBA Programs

The most affordable of all the top 50 MBA programs in the U.S.: Purdue Krannert, where two years of graduate business education will cost you around $65,000. Purdue photo
The most affordable MBA is Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management, where a two-year degree can be had for the low, low price of $65,592. That’s an estimate based on Purdue’s annual tuition at just $19,766 annually and its “cost of living” — room, board, books, and miscellaneous expenses, but not, critically, fees — at a mere $13,030 per year.
Altogether, Purdue and the next four schools down the list make up a key group: the only five schools out of 50 with a total two-year cost of under $100,000. After the Krannert School, Brigham Young University takes second place, with a total cost of $69,572, but also with a big asterisk: the Marriott School of Business’ annual tuition of $13,450, lowest on record for the top 50, is available only to members of the Mormon church. There are no such restrictions, however, at the next most-affordable MBA programs: the University of Texas-Dallas Jindal School of Management ($89,000), the University of Florida’s Hough Graduate School of Business ($95,620), and the University of Pittsburgh Katz Graduate School of Business ($99,950). (Non-LDS members pay a two-year MBA tuition of $52,240, according to BYU Marriott’s website, bringing its total two-year cost to $94,912 — still third place on the Most Affordable list.) 
Acceptance rates are fairly high at all four: 49.4% at Purdue, 52.7% at BYU, 35.1% at Texas-Dallas, 18.8% at Florida, and 34.0% at Pittsburgh Katz. That averages out to 38%.
Only three schools ranked by P&Q in the top 25 find their way into the “bottom” 20 for cost: No. 24 Rice University Jones Graduate School of Business is eighth overall at $116,530; No. 25 Indiana University Kelley School of Business is 16th overall at $137,910; and No. 18 Texas-Austin McCombs School of Business is 20th, at $146,908.

School & P&Q Rank2-Year Tuition2-Year Room & Board2-Year TotalAverage Indebtedness (Class of 2018)Percentage With Debt (Class of 2018)
38. Purdue (Krannert)$39,532$26,060$65,592$63,26145%
34. BYU (Marriott)*$26,900$42,672$69,572NANA
45. Texas-Dallas (Jindal)$57,000$32,000$89,000$28,10632%
47. Florida (Hough)$60,260$35,360$95,620$37,03548%
44. Pittsburgh (Katz)$63,916$36,034$99,950NANA
43. Georgia (Terry)$64,224$43,748$107,972$36,60340%
33. Wisconsin$77,554$37,236$114,790$25,73725%
27. Georgia Tech (Scheller)$80,360$37,472$117,832NANA
46. Texas A&M (Mays)$76,606$46,076$122,682NANA
39. Rochester (Simon)$92,000$35,530$127,530$40,86472%
32. Penn State (Smeal)$84,936$43,900$128,836$40,12227%
30. Minnesota (Carlson)$99,888$34,000$133,888$58,16548%
31. Arizona State (Carey)$94,396$39,656$134,052$30,21740%
41. SMU (Cox)$91,950$42,970$134,920NANA
25. Indiana (Kelley)$99,910$38,000$137,910$57,07992%
36. Ohio State (Fisher)$105,248$34,768$140,016$49,78139%
35. Michigan State (Broad)$100,880$42,800$143,680$51,98847%
50. Rutgers$93,480$53,000$146,480NANA
18. Texas-Austin (McCombs)$108,788$38,120$146,908$84,04347%
42. Boston (Questrom)$107,988$39,038$147,026NA44%
48. Boston College (Carroll)$102,400$46,670$149,070$63,08145%
49. UC-Davis$99,370$50,016$149,386$67,97237%
29. Notre Dame (Mendoza)$108,240$41,300$149,540$64,52954%
21. Washington (Foster)$100,092$60,992$161,084$28,96845%

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