Thursday, May 16, 2019

University of Essex announces scholarships for MBA programme: How to get it

Here's how to apply for the scholarships
scholarship The has announced worth up to 100,000 pounds for Essex Business School’s MBA program starting October 2019.

2019-20 entry

Two students will be offered 100 per cent scholarship worth 19,500 pounds (~ Rs 18 lakh) each, two students will be offered 50 per cent scholarship worth 9,750 pounds (~ Rs 9 lakh) each, and further waivers of 3,000 pounds (~ Rs 2.7 lakh) on tuition fees will also be available:
2 x 100 per cent fee discount
2 x 50 per cent fee discount
16 x 3,000-pound fee discount
The award will be offered in the form of a tuition fee discount.

The applicant will be invited to an interview. The MBA Director will assess the student for a scholarship award during the interview.
During the scholarship interview, the MBA Director will be particularly looking for evidence of:
  • academic merit
  • work experience (quality of work experience, not simply time served)
  • ideas on sustainable and entrepreneurial business
  • ability to communicate experience and ideas
  • plans for utilising the experience after the course
This scholarship is available to all MBA applicants provided they are funding their own study.
How to apply

There's no separate application form for the scholarship. If a student meets the eligibility criteria stated above, he/she will be assessed during the interview.
First Published: Thu, May 16 2019. 14:22 IST

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